Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says distancing measures meant to cut the spread of COVID-19 are working but Canada isn’t out of the woods yet.

The federal government has new national models and projections on the spread of the novel coronavirus to update figures presented nearly three weeks ago.

Trudeau says the pandemic remains one of the most serious public health emergencies in history and until it’s under better control, restrictions need to remain in place.

He says the country also needs more time to prepare workplaces, schools and places like nursing homes for flare-ups.

Canadian public health officials initially underestimated how deadly the coronavirus would be in long term care homes and have revised their calculations in new modelling numbers shared on Tuesday.

But Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Theresa Tam says the data also shows Canada is slowing the overall spread of the first-wave of the virus.

“We are making clear progress to slow the spread and bring the epidemic under control,” she said in a briefing with journalists to explain the new modelling data.

“The doubling of the cases went from [happening every] three to five days last time we spoke to now about every 16.”

One factor in that, Tam said, is the fact that infected individuals are not infected as many others.

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