Hi I’m Savannah Phillips and today we’re going to be making a DIY NO SEW FACE MASK WITH LULAROE LEGGINGS. I know the president has been talking a lot about wearing a personal mask when you go anywhere and we have a lot of LuLaRoe leggings we might as well use them. But before I
get started if you could please subscribe to my channel. Take a pair of LuLaRoe leggings I know sometimes if you’ve had it for a long time they got a tiny hole in them or something like that. That is the perfect pair to start with. I’m using a pair of one size, I don’t know if I’ve tried it with tall and curvy yet but this is a pair of one size. You’re gonna use one leg at a time. The first time I tried it I just kind
of eyed it and they were perfect sizes for my kids. So personally I’m gonna measure it a little bit, so I’m gonna go from ear to ear but then I want to make it a little bit tinier just so it’s got something to hold on to. So I can measure that but it’s probably about eight or nine inches or so. You’re gonna
cut the whole leg because you want both layers. Okay so now you’ve got your little tube your legging tube this is the very very bottom of the leggings too so I’m gonna cut off this hem down at the bottom because I just don’t need it. So it’s an extra piece you can use for whatever you want. Now I’ve got this tube the only seem I have is down that side. It’s kind of a square I want to make it a little bit more rounded on the edges just so I don’t have all that extra fabric. So I’m going to round off the edges on both sides not super drastic either. I’m just rounding em off a little bit. I just don’t want to go over that seam. So now I’ve got the rounded edges on the tube, I don’t need all the fabric all the way across so I’m going to cut out a little bit of fabric on the inside and it’s gonna leave two layers right around your mouth but not two layers around your ears. Not sure if you can see, so right here we’re gonna do this on both sides. You just have the one layer on either side. Here we have our rounded off but you still got the two layers on the mouth now we need our earholes. What I’m going to do is I’m going to take this side right here I’m going to fold it in half and then make sure you’re only cutting where that one layer is and I’m gonna cut out a little triangle just like that. That’s
gonna give us our ear hole. I’d be easier without the print like that so do that on both sides. So now you’ve got your earholes here, your two layers here, and because it’s leggings and it’s got that pocket
in there you can put some sort of other filter in there. Whether it’s your 100% cotton or whatnot I don’t know enough about all the filters but that pocket in there will help you to put more layers
if you do need more filtering. So here’s you’re rounded sides with your earholes and I don’t know if you can hear me but it’s perfect when I put mine on it’s a little bit squared so I just kind of tuck-in
the bottoms up under my chin. But super easy super easy super soft super and stretchy. If you liked my video make sure to subscribe. If you have any questions leave them in the comments down
below and I’ll do my best to help you out. One pair of leggings should be able to do four masks at least. What’s really cool is a lot of my customers will ask for leggings because they like leggings that they’re okay with cutting up because they like to wear a pair of cutoff leggings under their dresses. So in case it’s a windy day once you cut them off you can wear these under your skirts and dresses. So you don’t have any oops moments either. Thanks for watching, We’ll see you next time.

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Instructions on how to make a no-sew face mask start @ 00:40

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Posted by Savannah Phillips on Saturday, April 4, 2020

Do your own research on filters

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