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-Make sure you wash the masks before use to allow the pin holes to ‘heal’, otherwise the holes left by the straight pins is much larger than the .02 micro size.. Or use clips to hold fabric for sewing, avoiding the holes being left behind.
-Make multiples so that you can swap out throughout the day, hand wash at night.
-Consider cutting a little slit in the INTERIOR layer so you can add a removable filter.
-DISCLAIMER: These are a great option, but a surgical mask is still ideal for all people, especially those working in the medical community. These are meant for those of us that need to run to the market or the pharmacy. Or people who still hav to work and can’t get their hands on a mask.
-MATERIALS- Cotton or Hemp is a great option. Apparently, Hemp has anti-bacterial qualities.
Downloadable pattern-
Information about which fabric is best and why –
I hope that this video peached and inspired you to make face masks for your own family and those in your community who may need them.
If you know how to sew, please make more than you need so that you can give them to those in need.
I will show you how to make your own custom pattern so that you can make them for anyone.
Here are the links I promised.