No face mask?
The best material for a reusable face mask! I will show you how to make a mask out of socks with filtrof. If no Medetsyn masks are available, N95, don’t worry. A sock face mask with a filter is perfect for masks!
Mask for the face
So, having analyzed many ways, I recommend:
– Choose cotton socks for the mask.
– The sock for the mask should be tight, tight.
“The larger the size of the sock, the better.”
– it is better not to use traces or short socks
– paper towels

We bring to your attention a homemade face mask from a sock, in this video I will show you how to make a face mask from a sock with a filter. I use a sock for a face mask, because everyone has it. And in many countries there are not enough surgical masks, and many people cannot afford face masks due to the loss of work and business, so a sock mask is the best and cheapest way to protect yourself and others.

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