Hi everyone- Susan here, and I wanted to depart briefly from my current videos to bring this to you all.
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We are all dealing with Covid-19 (corona virus), I know most people (including myself) cannot find medical masks we need for when we go to the store or out for a walk, so I wanted to create a mask which you can make easily, in light of the clear shortage world-wide.

To keep the medical masks for Doctors and Nurses that need them, make this mask out of a washable fabric instead. You can even make this from your old clothes. The best part of my design is, you can do this without a sewing machine and also without elastic! Literally just some fabric.
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I have a Larger more Improved face mask pattern NOW! I will have the complete mask in the original fabric shown available to purchase from my website soon! It will now come in two sizes S/M and large. Please let me know if this is something you would want!!! You can e-mail me at eliascouture@gmail.com! Thank you and stay safe. β–Ό

Love you all!


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