The CDC now says we should ALL wear cloth face masks when not at home. Make your own DIY face mask – both NO SEW and SEW options – for the entire family with simple household items like a bandana, scarf, t-shirt, hair elastics, rubber bands, shoe laces, and other items.

In this video you will learn how to make several reusable NO SEW and SEW easy and quick face masks, including:

00:22 Simple NO SEW mask made with a bandana and either rubber bands or hair ties elastics. optional filter. You can make this without a sewing machine!
01:21 Easy NO SEW mask made with a bandana and a baseball cap. optional filter.
01:56 Quick NO SEW mask made with a bandana and a ponytail. optional filter.
02:13 Simple mask made by sewing two pieces of 100% cotton together with elastics.
05:09 Easy mask made by sewing 100% cotton fabric pieces with ties. This one works over an N95 mask.

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In case you have additional questions on cloth face masks, please visit the CDC’s website: and

As always, please refer to the CDC World Health Organization or the National Institute of Health for complete guidelines.

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