Carousel Designs Seafoam Moon and Stars Fabric by The Yard – Organic 100% Cotton

Here’s a simple pattern and step by step guide to sewing an adjustable face mask. This can be used on its own, layered over an n-95 mask, or you can use replaceable filters in the filter pocket for increased protection. This is a durable mask that can (and should) be washed and sanitized regularly after each use. Make sure to wash and dry your fabric before starting your project. If you’re out of fabric, you can always cut up cotton sheets or pillow cases for this project. If you have bias tape already on hand, this project will go even faster! If not, I’ll show you how to make some. I used this pattern to make and donate a batch of masks to our local Providence Hospital after getting inspired by the Tieks Sew Together challenge. After trying many different patterns and sizes, this approach seemed to work the best for me.

Just wanted to add that since fabric is not readily available a great alternative would be to use flat bed sheets, I have several king size sheets that I use to protect my classic cars and We will be using one of them to make some masks for our personal use since we have donated everything we had to our local hospital.

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