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This is a no sew face mask I made from an old t-shirt and you can make one just like this in less than 10 minutes. I’m using an old promotional t-shirt that I never wear. And it’s a medium size just for reference when you watch this tutorial. The measurements are simple. I’m using three 8.5″ x 11″ magazines to lay out the cuts. You can also use notebook paper for this. With a medium t-shirt I can make two masks no problem. But squeezing out a third mask could be a little tricky because there might not be enough material left for the tie straps. So I recommend starting with two masks first on this size shirt.

Starting out I’m just going to cut around the magazines. These don’t have to be perfect. Just a rough cut will work ok. The final masks aren’t going to look super professional but they will be functional. After the cuts are done I’ll be left with a double layered piece of fabric. And because there’s two layers, you can also add a piece of filtering material in between them for additional protection. Cutting the third mask is optional because I actually started running out of material to make long enough straps.

Now with one of the rectangle pieces of fabric cut four tiny holes on each side. These don’t have to be exactly even but starting at one end space out these holes along the side. These holes are only a quarter-inch so they’re pretty small. Now take one of the straps cut from the rest of the t-shirt and start to weave it through the holes on one side.

And here’s a little tip, the printing side could’ve been folded to the inside before weaving. That way it won’t be seen or you can avoid having it against your face. But this is an easy face mask I made without the use of a sewing machine! If this video was helpful please give me a thumbs up and hit the subscribe button to stay up to date on all my weekly videos.

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