Please WATCH how this mask is put on, you must twist the ends once to create a fitted mask. Here a quick links which will help you skip ahead.

Jump Ahead:
Add Bendable Nose Wire:
Make EXTRA masks out of the rest of the shirt

This is a simple, fast, and free fitted mask with a nose wire for extra comfort and protection, all made from a T-shirt and a couple of paper clips. This is something that ANYONE can make. As an added bonus, since it’s so fast and free, you can make multiple masks to share with friends, family, neighbors, or make extra to keep in the wash.

We are all being encouraged to wear masks at all times when we leave the house or when dealing with a sick person in our homes, but everyone doesn’t have the ability to sew, access to a sewing machine, or the funds to purchase materials or already made masks. This is especially true with so many people losing their jobs.

Here is an article on the different materials to use for face masks and the best breathability. While cotton doesn’t protect as well as other materials, it has a higher breathability factor, which makes it easier to wear. Balancing the level of protection with the ability to wear it for longer periods of time, Cotton was the winner. Plus, it is easy to get and washable.…

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