DIY FACE MASKS (No Sewing Required) | SIMPLE & EASY

DIY FACE MASKS (No Sewing Required) | SIMPLE & EASY

Hey everyone! Today I’ll show you how to make no-sew face masks! Due to the current situation, there is a shortage of face masks, especially N95 and surgical masks. The CDC has advised that we make simple cloth masks at home, to save the critical supplies for the healthcare workers and other frontline workers.

DISCLAIMER: This video is not meant to be a substitute for medical advice. These masks were not tested in a lab, but something is better than nothing.
These are not as effective as N95 Respirators or Surgical Masks, but the CDC has advised that we reserve those for the healthcare and frontline workers.

NOTE: Use the thin hair ties. The thicker ones are tight and uncomfortable. You can also use elastic, bobby pins and/rubber bands instead of the hair ties.

The CDC’s guidelines on making homemade masks:

CDC’s video on making a mask out of a tshirt:

Visit for more information!

Stay safe & healthy!



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How to Make Face Masks

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