【Face Mask】Picking the best face masks for children

【Face Mask】Picking the best face masks for children

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Hunan EEXI Technology & Service Co., LTD. established in 2018, is an enterprise engaged in the production of baby diapers and related sanitary products. The company covers a total area of 88,000 square meters with a building area of 137,000 square meters. After the outbreak of the “COVID – 19” in 2020, under the superior support of the local government, our company obtained the production license of medical devices and face mask related products authorizations, and transformed into the production of KF94, KN95f N95 respirator and disposable medical masks (non-sterile and sterile, as well as children type products) and surgical masks (non-sterile and sterile). Also, our company will have 70 sets of disposable mask equipment (including two highspeed mask machines) and 80 sets of KN95 equipment. Daily output shall be over 7 million pieces of 3ply disposable masks and more than 4 million pieces of KN95 and KF94 masks.

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