DIY Face Masks ANYONE can make! NO SEWING!

DIY Face Masks ANYONE can make! NO SEWING!

6 different ways to make a Face Mask from simple everyday objects without sewing. Here are the 6 face mask designs included in this video:

1. The Napkin, Tissue or Cloth Facemask
2. Coffee Filter Facemask
3. Bandana Facemask
4. The Clean Sock Facemask
5. Toilet Paper Facemask
6. T-Shirt Facemask

This video was in part inspired by CDC’s new guidelines sanctioning the use of homemade masks when professional face masks aren’t available as reported in this news article:

Here are some excerpts from that article:
The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s new crisis guidelines to health care workers says that where no face masks are available, homemade masks, made of bandannas or scarves, for instance, can be used as a last resort.

Homemade cloth masks are better than nothing. A 2008 study of homemade cloth masks worn by members of the general public, published in PLOS ONE, backs that up, finding that though imperfect, homemade masks can offer some protection against viral particles.

The mask needs to strike a balance between filtering capabilities and breathability. Some materials, such as vacuum bags, are better at filtering than others, a 2013 study in Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness suggests. But vacuum bags are hard to breathe through. Cotton T-shirts offer a breathable fabric that filtered microorganisms roughly half as well as a surgical masks in those experiments.

Other work-arounds focus on 3-D printing, which can churn out hard, clear face shields that protect health care workers’ eyes and possibly extend the life of face masks. That’s what the Qualcomm Institute at the University of California, San Diego is attempting to do. “Improvised visors with some 3D-printed parts seem the most feasible,” say engineer Ramesh Rao, the institute’s director.

Get creative

Livingston and colleagues are digging through the ideas, talking with experts and hoping to update people with guidance soon. But for now, “I don’t think anyone can say what’s right or wrong,” he says. “People need to do their best.”


So in a sense this was my effort of getting creative. The paper-towel mask is essentially the same as one I saw in a video on Facebook, but I extended the band so that it goes around the head instead of wrapping around the ears. I think the toilet paper mask is probably original and the way of connecting the paper clips to the coffee filter… that was my idea. But all that doesn’t matter… What matters is that these designs will hopefully help people avoid contracting diseases, and at the very least they make decent dust masks!

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How to Make Face Masks