Current Top Mask Picks & Kids Masks

Current Top Mask Picks & Kids Masks

A quick run down of my top mask picks as of right now(well technically about 2 weeks ago as that’s when I shot this).
Google Drive Data:

Kids Mask – 1:54
Blue 3D Kids Mask KF94 –

BOTN Kids Mask KF94
Source 1 –
Source 2-

Bluna Kids Mask KF94
Source 1 –
Source 2 –

Goodday Happylife Youth KF94
Happylife Goodday KF94 Youth(Black)-English Packaging

Adult KF Masks – 5:12

Bluna FaceFit KF94
Source 1-
Source 2 -

MaskLab FFP2
USA Site –

CleanTop Evergreen KF94
Evergreen Cleantop 3D KF94 Adult(Black)

BOTN Medium KF94
Source 1 –
Source 2 –

Dr. Puri Medium KF94
Dr. Puri KF94 Large/Medium/Small White Mask (Box of 20pcs)

BOTN Black Large KF94
Source 1 –
Source 2-
Source 3-

LG Airwasher Style Black KF94
Source 1:
Source 2:

Adult KN Style Masks – 10:43
Powecom Black KN95

Arun External Nose Clip KN95
[Arun] KN95 Face Mask FDA EUA Approved 99.9% PFE

3M 9502+ NIOSH
Source 1 –

3M 9502+ KN95
3M 9502+ KN95 Headwrap (50 pieces at $0.99/Respirator) FDA Authorized

How to Make Face Masks for Kids

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