Use Your iPad to Make Face Masks & Filters | Procreate FacePaint & Spark AR Tutorial

Use Your iPad to Make Face Masks & Filters | Procreate FacePaint & Spark AR Tutorial

Use your iPad to make face masks and filters using Procreate’s FacePaint, Symmetry, and Animation assist to recreate masks from Olivia Rodrigo’s Brutal music video. You’ll learn the everything you need to know about FacePaint, symmetry, animation, clipping masks, gradients, and so much more in this all-encompassing and step-by-step tutorial for Procreate. We’ll then take it a step further by converting our work in Procreate into a filter we can use and share with others on Instagram. Thus, you’ll also learn all the basics to Spark AR for Instagram and Facebook effects.

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c h a p t e r s โคต๏ธ
00:00 – Intro
00:38 – Olivia Rodrigo’s Brutal music video
01:13 – Procreate FacePaint requirements
01:28 – Basics of FacePaint
03:56 – Recreating a mask from Rodrigo’s Brutal
05:43 – Using the Symmetry Tool
07:17 – Using Layers with Symmetry
08:22 – Creating a gradient and using a clipping mask
10:14 – What to do when you forget to turn on Symmetry assist
12:13 – Understanding animation in Procreate
12:32 – Preparing our face masks + filters for animation
14:13 – Everything you need to know about animation in Procreate
16:04 – What is Spark AR
16:18 – Preparing our face masks + filters for Spark AR
17:45 – Creating Instagram filters using Spark AR
20:30 – Testing our your instagram filters
23:04 – How to use my Instagram filters
23:30 – My final thoughts!

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How to Make Face Masks

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