DIY Face Shield Glasses / DIY Face Masks for Eyeglasses Fast & Easy

DIY Face Shield Glasses / DIY Face Masks for Eyeglasses Fast & Easy

Easy DIY face shield / face mask for glasses… any kind, prescription eyeglasses, sunglasses, safety glasses, kids glasses even just frames if you don’t normally wear glasses! A safer and more comfortable option to a mask! Without a headband you’ll forget your wearing it! No more fogged glasses, mask slipping down or muffled voices. And so nice to be able to see people’s smiles again! When I wear contacts, I just attached my shield to old frames with no lenses or my fun batman sunglasses. 😉

How to attach a face shield to glasses. Hate wearing a face mask? Option if you don’t want to wear a face mask. What to do if your face mask is too hot, too stuffy and you can’t breath? Wear a cool, breathable face shield that doesn’t fog, lets you breath, doesn’t block you face, eyes, mouth, voice or smile!

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DIY Hat Face Shield:
DIY Kids Face Shield:
DIY Face Shield Plastic Review Tested on my glasses:

Trouble Shooting:
If you shield isn’t staying up, it’s most likely your band are too loose. If your frames are very thin, use the kids size bands or poly bands, both work great. Also, check your hole placement.

For my shields, I use 8-10 mil plastic because they hold up well and won’t need replacing. Just wipe them down with any glass cleaner, soap and water or disinfecting wipe.

A few place where you can buy the plastic…

Ebay (with super fast free shipping) 10 mil. 100 Pack (my favorite)

Amazon / 8.5″ x 11″ 8 mil 25 Pack:

Amazon / 8.5″ x 11″ 8 mil 100 Pack:

Staples / 25 pack / 8.5″ x 11″

Hair Bands / Target
Hair Band for FINE HAIR

How to Make Face Masks for Kids

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