5 types of Face Masks Tutorial | Homemade Face Mask | Face Mask patterns | DIY Surgical Mask

5 types of Face Masks Tutorial | Homemade Face Mask | Face Mask patterns | DIY Surgical Mask

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Protect your kids from Corona Virus (COVID-19) by mask making without sewing machine. This home hade mask is very simple are easy to prepare at home with little amount of cloth and a Needle.

Market purchased face mask is not 100% hygienic, those masks are touched by many person during manufacturing in industry. Recently few videos you might see in internet that people are spreading Corona Virus (COVID-19) through Face mask. So, it is more secure to protect your kids and your family members from Corona Virus (COVID-19) by providing them handmade face mask. Your handmade face mask will be a great gift to them. I have this for my kid any my family members, they are very happy and using this mask happily.

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In this video I will show how to make a beautiful box out of Clay, Paper and Cardboard with my own hands. With these useful craft ideas you will get a great treasure chest to store the jewels!
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How to Make Face Masks for Kids