Face mask for summer DIY | Breathable design | Free Pattern 👇

Face mask for summer DIY | Breathable design | Free Pattern 👇

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Free printable face mask pattern :

How to make a face mask at home.

Making a face mask at home is fast and easy to do. We can create the fabric mask according to our wishes. We can use a cloth that is comfortable to wear as a mask. With a simple face mask pattern, we can make our own mask by following the tutorial in this video. We can modify the cloth mask size according to ours. And we can make the fabric mask with or without filter pocket or replaceable filter. If you don’t have a sewing machine, you can still sew the mask by hand. Thanks for watching.


Face Mask DIY :

3D Face Mask DIY :

Face Mask For Children/Teenager DIY :

Mask Pattern Making:

How to make Face Shield:


Because everyone has different sizes, if the pattern in this video is not fit you. You can modify the size of the mask to make you more comfortable.

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How to Make Face Masks

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