How to Crochet a Fabric Lined Face Mask with Yarnspirations | Free Pattern Tutorial

How to Crochet a Fabric Lined Face Mask with Yarnspirations | Free Pattern Tutorial

Crochet a fabric-lined face mask with our free and easy crochet pattern. Find the free pattern here: **It is important to note that these masks have not been tested but were created by the Yarnspirations design team to align with current CDC guidelines for homemade masks. Please always follow the latest mask recommendations put out by your country. **

Create this mask by combing a fabric lining with a worsted weight yarn. Work up the outer shell with easy crochet stitches, including slip stitch, single crochet, as well as half-double crochet in the back loop only. This mask is worked from the bottom up, and its straps are worked into the boarder edging. It is easy to customize by adding or removing hdc stitches, depending on the size needed.

We are using Red Heart Super Saver yarn, a worsted weight yarn available in a large variety of shades: If you don’t have Super Saver, you can use any CYC weight 4 yarn in your yarn stash.

Our design team made this mask after the CDC’s recommendation that homemade masks can be used to effectively help stop the spread of COVID-19. Please note that these masks are intended for use by the public, but not for healthcare practitioners. When making your mask keep in mind that fit and cleanliness also affect the mask’s effectiveness. Be sure to wash your materials and mask regularly. These masks are to be used in addition to physical distancing measures and it’s still important to not touch your face while it’s worn.

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How to Make Face Masks

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