Mask 101: The best masks to protect against Covid-19 and how to wear them |

Mask 101: The best masks to protect against Covid-19 and how to wear them |

Auckland GP Dr Sandhya Ramanathan demonstrates how to fit an N95 mask, and shows three hacks to make your surgical masks fit better. Read more: | Subscribe:

Face masks are one of the key weapons in the fight against Omicron – and knowing how to fit your N95 or surgical mask is vital to maximising your protection.

The three most important things to consider are filtration, fit, and comfort, Auckland GP Dr Sandhya Ramanathan says.

Filtration is about finding the mask which blocks the virus the best – ideally an N95/P2, and if not one of those, a surgical mask. It needs to be comfortable, otherwise you won’t wear it.

When you’re thinking about fit, you want to make sure the mask has a tight seal against your face. Ramanathan explains how to get the best fit.

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