DIY Fabric Face Mask Tutorial (head strap) – FREE PATTERN – quick & easy to make for COVID19 travel

DIY Fabric Face Mask Tutorial (head strap) – FREE PATTERN – quick & easy to make for COVID19 travel

With *head straps* for long-term wear (the ones with ear straps tend to hurt after a little while).
Time to make: 15-45 mins, depending on your sewing experience

COVID19 has arrived and my tours have come to a complete halt. Now that I’m at home I find myself with a lot more time to do videos and learn new skills.

To keep busy I wanted to make some fabric masks for when I’m able to travel gain. To be completely honest, in just 1 hour I learned how to read a sewing pattern, sew with a machine AND I made one of these face masks from beginning to end. I have no sewing experience at all, so if I can do it you can too!

— These fabric face masks won’t give you 100% protection from COVID19, but wearing one is better than wearing nothing, it helps protect others if you have it, and it also keeps you from touching your face.
— If you can, use clips rather than pins. If you only have pins, don’t make holes near the centre of the mask. Now that I’m getting the hang of sewing I’m able to sew these without any pinning or clipping.
— Make a few, put one on if you need to leave your home, and donate the extras to the essential workers who are still out there working while we’re safely at home.

Please save tourism… Don’t cancel your trip, just move the date.

The fabric for this tutorial and for all the masks that we’re making and donating was supplied by the Fat Quarter Store (South Africa). Please support them after the lockdown is over:
The modified pattern was designed and supplied by Owen and Sharon Calverley.

* 30cm x 30cm finely woven fabric (you can use a pillowcase, sheet, T-shirt, quilting cotton etc.) – we chose two different fabrics for the “outer layer” and “inner lining” but you can use just one piece of fabric if you prefer
* 60cm thin elastic (or shoelaces, ribbon etc.)
* Pen
* Sewing machine or hand-sewing kit
* Thread
* Scissors
* Pins (clips are better, if you have)
* Paper clip
* The pattern (here:

__ STEP 1: __
Print out or draw the pattern (here: Enlarge the pattern slightly for larger faces.
Fold your square of fabric over in half so that the right side (bright side) is on the inside and the wrong side (dull side) is on the outside. If you’re using two different fabrics, do this with each.
__ STEP 2: __
Inner Lining (SMALL): Put the pattern down on the fabric (pattern MUST be folded over on the tab) and trace the outline onto the fabric.
Outer Layer (LARGE): Put the pattern down on the fabric (pattern must be open, not folded) and trace the outline onto the fabric.
__ STEP 3: __
Cut out on the lines.
__ STEP 4: __
You should now have two pieces of the Large and two pieces of the Small. Keep them together as you cut them, don’t separate them yet.
Sew the Large pair along the curved edge, from dot to dot.
Do the same with the Small pair.
__ STEP 5: __
Open the Large and Small pieces up and put them together, with the right sides (bright sides) inside and the wrong sides (dull sides) facing outwards. Make sure the centre seams line up.
Pin/clip them together.
Sew along the top and bottom – leave the sides open.
__ STEP 6: __
Turn the fabric inside-out now, so that the bright sides are on the outside.
Press / iron the seams flat, or press them flat with your fingernail.
__ STEP 7: __
Side seams: fold the “raw edge” over slightly, and then turn the whole side edge over again.
Repeat for the other side edge.
Pin/clip them in place.
Sew the side edges closed now along the inside seam (so that they form a tube on each side).
__ STEP 8: __
Use your paper clip to thread elastic down through the one tube and up the other tube.
Knot the elastic loosely, put the mask on to check the size, and then tighten the knot.
Wash and press / iron (or tumble dry) to sterilize.

Make a few and donate them!

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