Face Mask Bandana Neck Gaiter Made in USA for Dust Outdoors Festival Activities



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Product Description

made in usamade in usa

One Gaiter, Different Ways to Use

Fuchsia Mask

Fuchsia Mask







Colorful Face Mask

Jubilee Couture’s Neck Gaiter Mask is available in 13 different colors so you can easily match with different looks and occasion or mood.

Headband, Beanie, Hairwrap

This gaiter is not only to cover your face or keep your neck warm, but also can be used as headband, beanies, bandanas and more.

Modern and Sleek

Simple basic design that is not heavy to bulk up the look, but elegantly adds styles with comfort.

For Anyone

This neck gaiter mask is Unisex, can be worn by Men or Women. Soft and Stretch fabric fits most sizes.

Jubilee Couture FabricJubilee Couture Fabric

We produce our own quality rayon fabric in USA

Our Rayon is 200g per square meter that has a good weight to be worn with comfort. These are knitted in USA with special MVS technique so it reduced risk of shrinking and buffing after wash.

Machine wash is safe for our rayon, but it’s just always best to wash any fabric content with hand.

Made in USA
⭐ This Cloth Washable Reusable Neck Gaiter Face Covering Mask is made 2-Layered. One Size normally fits S to XL for both MEN & WOMEN. Lightweight Stretchy fabric that is not too bulky, very soft and comfortable. Not sweater heavy but enough to keep your neck warm for chilly environment like windy cold weather, cold AC work office, outdoor activities.
⭐ Our Cloth Washable Reusable Neck Gaiter Face Covering Mask is MADE IN USA FROM SCRATCH: We weave & dye our own fabric for this product in USA. This fabric is specially weaved to reduce the risk of shrinking after wash.
⭐ Versatile Design! USE THIS Cloth Washable Reusable Neck Gaiter Face Covering Mask ALSO AS HEADBAND, Bandana, Turtleneck, Face Mask, Pull Up Masks, Beanie, Head Wrap, Wristband, Hairband, Balaclavas, Neck Warmers and more! Stylish for outdoor sports, Protect from Dust and more.
⭐ Do not cover your nose holes tightly with this Cloth Washable Reusable Neck Gaiter Face Covering Mask. Always cover above the nose tip so you won’t have breathing issue
⭐ Our Cloth Washable Reusable Neck Gaiter Face Covering Mask Matches nicely with any type of look! 96% Rayon, Spandex 4% Machine washable and reusable but best when hand washed with cold water, and line dry.